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NaturalHealthcare.ca is Canada's largest and most referenced online resource for Complementary and Alternative healthcare. In 2009, we served content to over 2.4 million unique visitors, who used over 83,000 different search terms and phrases to reach the site.

Launched in November 2003, we have had a steady growth rate over a time-span where many others have come and gone. We attribute this to our philosophy that you must offer fresh, updated content that keeps visitors returning time and again, not just a directory.

Editorial Angle

NaturalHealthcare.ca presents information on a variety of topics, from Nutrition and Organic foods, to Alternative, Complementary, Natural, or Wholistic Care products, services and retailers. Our editorial focus is on integrative or complementary care - that is boosting the health of our visitors between their annual check-ups and intermittent visits to their regular doctors, supplementing, not supplanting the current health system.

Our content is built on five pillars of natural health: nutrition (including supplementation), fitness & physical activity, bio-energy work, bodywork & manipulative therapies, and the mind-body connection.

We use the term "natural" as we focus not on a dichotomy between "conventional" and "alternative", rather on the elements that are available to individuals, daily. We firmly believe in consulting practitioners before making even seemingly simple decisions to ensure that they are right for your unique physiology, and in keeping your entire health team apprised of all your health decisions, as there are interactions and contraindications possible in all the choices.


Our goal here is to provide visitors with accurate and timely information, while also informing them of the traditional uses of remedies. We also strive to present a venue for providers of natural lifestyle services to get the most out of the Internet - new skills, new ideas, and new clients. Our secondary goal is to provide a forum where the those interested in healthy alternatives can discover what to expect from a course of treatment, even before they set foot inside a practice.

That's a big set of goals, but we have the team to achieve it. With resources in different fields and industries, we have access to the finest minds and research available - including premium in-house search engine expertise. NaturalHealthcare.ca consistently receives over twenty thousand visitors a week.

More importantly, there is a usually a three to one ratio of direct domain name access (either bookmarks, links in emails, or typing in the name) to visitors finding the site through search engines or other sites. People are sharing the content or finding it valuable enough to bookmark.

Welcome to the world of Healthy Canadian Living - the place we affectionately call "NHC".


Here we grow again! NaturalHealthcare.ca and pixcode have just entered a new phase with the pending launch of Green Instead, our new headquarters and venue.

Our new space is part green/healthy marketplace, part education space, with just a dash of lifestyle centre. 3,000 square feet in downtown Toronto (right across the street from the Centre for Social Innovation; with a gorgeous view of the CN Tower) lets us hold our practitioner networking evenings in-house as well as showcasing environmentally-friendly products and services.

NaturalHealthcare.ca is a wholly-owned division of pixcode Inc.

Some of our key team members are: Heather-Anne Wakeling (Editor of the Newsletters and special features), Mark Lobo (Designer and Chief Creative Officer), and Gisela McKay (Chief Mastermind of the whole she-bang). In Sales & Marketing you might encounter Tammy and Stephanie, and over in the Wellergize arm, Suhujitha.


If you are interested in advertising or hosting with us, please select the "Advertising" link at the bottom of the page. If you would like to contact us, please send us email at: 2009inquiries@naturalhealthcare.ca, or see the Contact Us page for a full listing of emails and extensions.

Information on this website is for information purposes only.
Please consult a qualified health practitioner before taking any course of action.
Always check for counter-results before deciding on a course of action.

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