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Detoxification Tips

Photo: Relaxed and Detoxified

by Deborah Allen
Despite increasing pollution and daily

toxic exposure, we can help ourselves to remove body toxins found in food, air, water etc. using these detox tips.

What is detox?
The removal of toxin build-up, like pollution and chemical residues stockpiled in the body. These are blamed for weight gain, cellulite, acne, dis-ease and increasing poor health. Detox benefits the body on physical, emotional and mental mind, body spirit levels.
Who can detox?
Most people in good health can safely detox. Individuals with pre- existing conditions (diabetes, cancer, auto immune issues, children, elderly, pregnant and menstruating women etc.) should consult a qualified practitioner or natural physician for guidance.
Where can I detox?
You can find affordable programs using raw and sprouted food nutrition, far infrared sauna, and herbs to detox and cleanse.
What part(s) of the body can be detoxified and what can I expect?
The body as a whole can be detoxified or specific organs can be targeted (liver, colon, kidney, gall bladder, arteries). It is important not to overtax the body with a program that is too strong if you've never done a detox, more is not better. While detoxing cleansing symptoms may occur, headaches, nausea even tiredness. These symptoms happen as toxins are released. As the toxins move through the detox, some people may feel worse before they feel better which is part of the process. Do not be alarmed, but tell your practitioner or natural physician.
How do I start?
clients can start with The Digestive Parasite and Infrared Detox Level I Program. This program clears the digestive tract, parasites and the whole body system on a deep cellular level. This thorough simple, gentle and inexpensive way to begin any commitment to detoxification is beneficial on many levels.
What are "raw" and "sprouted nutrition" foods?
Raw foods are foods that are eaten in their most natural state, a smoothie made with fruits and veggies is considered RAW it has not been cooked or heated in any way to destroy the enzymes or nutrients. The concept is the same with sprouted nutrition, seeds are soaked and grown then eaten when they are at their most nutritious. These foods are optimal to include when detoxing.
What is Far Infrared Sauna?
Far Infrared sauna has been used since the 1960's in Europe and Asia for detoxing and healing. The Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School and others have researched it's benefits. Their findings prove it to be a superior, non invasive form of detoxification and healing to cleanse 21st century toxic body residue.
Additional Detox Items
During a detox it is recommended to do the following; skin brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system and open pores, drinking 6 - 8, 250ml cups of pure water daily along with sea salt baths to help flush the system. Taking digestive enzymes, probiotics and a good multivitamin at this time will help repopulate healthy bacteria and minimizing stress on the body.
Do I need to eliminate certain foods?
Excess consumption of meats, bad carbohydrates and junk foods should be minimized along with, alcohol, cigarettes even coffee to give the body a rest from the toxins contained in these things.
Ending the detox
When ending a detox it is important to slowly reintroduce foods and practices that were eliminated. You may want to reintroduce better quality foods and some even in a lesser capacity if at all. It is recommended to make better food and behavior choices (water consumption & exercise) in order not to retoxify the body immediately.
Keep a record
Maintaining a record or documenting your detox is beneficial to recall what type of detox you did, how long it lasted, and the symptoms you encountered. It is also good for keeping track of detox intervals. Detox is not just a one time thing, for best results various kinds should be done regularly through the year.

Deborah Allen is the owner of Prana Wellness Centre.
Want to learn how to detox? Prana Wellness offers talks and workshops on how to detox and why detoxing benefits you. Call or email us for more information 416.850.6615.

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