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The Winter Pinks!

Who says you have to have the winter blues?

by Stephen van Beek
Forget the winter blues! Now you can be

'in the pink' and fully glowing as spring approaches.


Marathoners discovered long ago that the very best time to build strength and endurance is winter. Surely you have noticed those sleek figures zipping by light-footedly in what seems to be next to no clothing.

They realize that what warms us up best and creates the most pleasure pheromones (at least, with your clothes on) is regular outdoors exercise. Consider investing in some moisture-wicking clothing and a light windproof hat shell, and take to the streets 3 times a week for half an hour and then notice how your cheeks glow!

If this weather reflects global warming, it has some benefits. The air temperatures are easy on the lungs even if you are only walking, and ice-free streets are your beckoning invitation to invigorate yourself. After all, what better way to deal with the excesses of December and to get ready for Summer?

Maybe your thing is not running, skating and skiing. Maybe the best way for you to really enjoy Winter is to turn within to the pleasures of the home. What about all those home projects you were far too busy to do in barbeque season? Our ancestors were active in the winter repairing their seasonal gear, preparing for the future, and spending the time to be with each other, having brought in a harvest that kept them busy constantly in warm weather. Winter season was the time to renew families and friendships, and grow closer against the cold.

And just personal time is precious too. We really don't get that much time to spend on our private interests. There are worlds of pleasure in reading books too long to tackle in the heat. Brushing up on your languages is a great preparation for planned adventures far away and yet to be planned.

And of course there is the kitchen, the hearth of every home. When we were children the opening act to winter frolic was helping our parents prepare hand-made mincemeat and Christmas puddings and leaning to cook full savoury meals that kept out even the bitterest weather. Perhaps that contributed for our continuing strong ties over so many years.

Stephen van Beek, MA (Tripos), DCTP, is a Psychotherapist and Founder of the Toronto Therapy Network. You can find out more about Mr. van Beek and the pther psychotherapists of the Network at www.TherapyToronto.ca
This article was originally published in the NaturalHealthcare.ca Zone in SNAP Downtown Toronto.

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