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Seven Secrets to Help You Stay Focused On Your Health Plans

Stay on track for fitness with these tips

Don't let motivation slip away!
by Trina Lambe RMT, Fitness Success Coach


Here are seven secrets I used with my Personal Training clients to keep them motivated when the going gets tough. You might be able to use some to these to re-energize your own wellness plans if you are feeling a slump coming on.

1. The bait and switch. I learned this technique in a marketing course and have since applied it to fitness. The idea is to advertise one thing to get people in the door, and then once you've got them sell them something else. If you're not feeling up to you or your planned exercise session, give yourself permission to cut it short or switch it up. Go to the gym with the intention of doing something that day, no matter how short. Many times once you get there you'll change the "mini-workout" back to a full workout or add a second or third set once you are there.

2. Blackmail. We've all got at least one unflattering photo of ourselves. Instead of tossing it in the trash, keep it handy - like in your wallet or purse. When you feel the urge to skip a workout, or eat something really fattening, take out the photo and snap yourself back to reality!

3. Try a change of scenery. If you know what you're in for, it may be hard to get moving, so spice it up a little. Drive to a park or a new location or different neighborhood for that run. The change of scenery may just be the pick-up you needed.

4. Experiment with something new. If your workout routine is the same day after day it will definitely lose its luster and your muscles are not getting as much benefit as they could if you changed it up. It may be time to try that spinning or a yoga class, snow shoeing or going for a swim…you get the idea.

5. Join a group. Many clubs and residential areas have exercise specific groups like walking, running, hiking or cycling clubs where people meet to offer support and a fun workout.

6. Refocus. Instead of looking at exercise as something that you "have to do", be creative and combine it with something you "want to do". On nice days, take advantage of the outdoors. Make the most out of a beautiful day by taking a brisk walk along a forest trail and use the time to think about how great it feels to be healthy and alive!

7. Reward Yourself. It works. If you're really having a tough time, dangle a reward in front of yourself but keep your exercise goals in mind. Try a massage or new workout gear rather than an ice cream cone. Whatever it takes to get moving- sometimes we must resort to desperate measures.

Fitness Success Coach Trina Lambe, RMT is the President and Owner of Train by Trina an agency of personal trainers that come to your home or office. You can reach Trina or her staff at: 416 788 2535 or find more information at www.trainbytrina.com



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