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More than two-thirds of Canadians have researched their health care alternatives online. If you have natural health products or services that you would like to present to consumers or to business owners, can help you.

When you want to add a visual component to your promotion, choose a Banner Ad. To the right, you can see the size and location of standard consumer banner ads ("tower ads"), but you can also use Flash banners to increase your visibility. (Below are examples of ads.)

Please choose from the following options for more information:



Banners for Consumer Areas of the Website

Modalities Mini-sites:
Acupuncture & TCMAyurvedaChiropracticCoachingDetoxificationEnergy WorkNaturopathicNutritionOsteopathyPets & AnimalsPregnancy and ChildbirthReikiReflexologyStress ManagementSupplementsYoga

Key consumer areas of the website where we place banner advertising include the glossaries (e.g. Herbology101), the directories (see inset), and the articles.

Advertising on the glossaries can benefit additionally by targeting specific keywords or taking exclusivity for a particular term. By choosing specific keywords, your ad will be one of a select group of ads that will be shown on those pages. With exclusivity your ad can be the only one to ever appear on that page. (more on this below)

Ads can be straight images (including animated gifs) or Flash ads. Click on the example link beside the price to see a sample ad of that size and format.

Ad in general rotation

  • gif/jpg/png 160 x 90 pixels - $30/month (example)
  • gif/jpg/png 160 x 250 pixels - $45/month (example)
  • gif/jpg/png 160 x 350 pixels - $50/month (example)
  • Flash (maximum display 200 x 200 pixels) - $60/month (example)



 Ads on Practitioner Areas

Banners for Practitioner Areas of the Website

If your business focuses on wholesale products that are of interest to natural healthcare-related businesses, then you need to be on the pages where the business owners go. Those pages include the Classified ads, the Events Calendar

New! Mini-site sponsorship...

The mini-sites at and are targeted to specific business sectors or cities. (E.g.



Keywords and Exclusivity also allows you to "exclusively own" pages (they will only carry your advertisement) or select keywords where your ad will be part of the rotation group for that page.

General Ad Rotation
ads in general rotation appear throughout the site on a randomly-generated basis. They appear on all pages not designated Exclusive or limited to specific keywords.
Keyword Ad Placement
Certain pages search for ads that match assigned keywords first, and then pull from the general rotation pool if they do not find matches. Examples: Supplier Listings pages look for ads designated with the keyword "Supplier" first; the Herbology101 pages seek out ads that match "herbology", "herbal medicine", "homeopathy", "naturopathy" or the specific herb that is being displayed. Keyword ads also appear in general rotation.
Exclusive Ad Placement
If a company is willing to "own" or "sponsor" a page, no other ad will appear on that page. Exclusive ads may also have keywords attached, and will automatically appear in the general rotation. Exclusivity will not be granted on any Directory pages.

All Advertising Clients receive access to our real-time Ad Report Generator, which tracks ad views and click-throughs for static ads (see images below).

Design/typesetting services also available.


  • Keyword placement
  • $25 per month per keyword plus:
    • gif/jpg/png 160 x 90 pixels - 70/month
    • gif/jpg/png 160 x 250 pixels - 90/month
    • gif/jpg/png 160 x 350 pixels - 100/month
    • Flash (maximum display 200 x 200 pixels) - 90/month
  • Exclusivity
    • gif/jpg/png 160 x 350 pixels - $170/month
    • Flash (maximum display 200 x 200 pixels) - $200/month
  • Mini-site (exclusive placement - there is only one advertiser per mini-site)
    • gif/jpg/png (160 x 350 pixels) or Flash (maximum display 200 x 200 pixels) - $200/month

All ads must meet our content standards. Only ads, products and services rated PG. Design prices not included.

Payment Terms: The minimum ad rotation term is 3 months, and the packages increase in 3 month intervals, with a 10% discount for 12 month and 15% for 24 months.

Design Pricing

For our advertising clients only: we will create a custom banner advertisement integrating your artwork (logo) that you can then use on other websites as well.

  • Static tower ads: (160 x 90 pixels, 160 x 250 pixels, or 160 x 350 pixels) $50;
  • Animated tower ads: (160 x 90 pixels, 160 x 250 pixels, or 160 x 350 pixels) $100;
  • Flash™ ads: pricing specific to design specifications;

Current "Exclusive" Pages

  • Spirit Fire Candles: _herbology_101.sweetgrass
  • Spirit Fire Candles: herbology_101.sage
  • medical_terms.rsi
  • herbology_101.chocolate
  • herbology_101.acai
  • herbology_101.acai+berry%2Facai+fruit
  • therapy_types.naturopathy
  • therapy_types.naturopathy
  • herbology_101.sage
  • herbology_101.goji+berry%2C+wolfberry
  • herbology_101.False+Unicorn
  • therapy_types.eft
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