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This is our little casual corner for informal posts on what we're doing, events we've attended, and the things we've eaten ;-) You can probably tell by that intro that this is the place where we let our hair down and just chat among ourselves.

We expect it to be fun, busy, and filled with links to friends as well as our other properties. We'll have guest writers from time to time, but the core will consist of the people mentioned in the kick-off post that you can read here.

There will definitely be content that is near and dear to our hearts, lots of photos, etc., but in part it's an area where not everything is going to be run past our editorial team. Expect live-blogging from events, microblogging, and more - on the fly, notes to ourselves, casual. If you are looking for our formal news section, check the main news button at the top there. The event calendar, classifieds, etc. can be reached from the left hand nav bar.

Recent Posts:

CHFA product reviews: Celtic Sea Salt, Cheeky Monkey, Lovemore, Koochikoo

Maira and Gisela review Celtic Sea Salt (Herbes de Provence), Cheeky Monkey, Lovemore (Shortbread), Koochikoo (No Sugar Cookies)

Our Fast 5s -- first impressions from CHFA Expo East

Fast 5s: Favourite first finds from the 2015 CHFA Expo East!

VIDEOS: 31st Veg Food Fest (2015)

Video Playlist: 31st Veg Food Fest, presented by the Toronto Vegetarian Association

Recipe: Mushroom, Stone-fruit, Wilted Kale Salad

Summer salad using the best of local produce -- kale, mushrooms, and stone fruit

Your chance to win! The Prizing Station goes online for the Total Health Show!

One week to win: In conjunction with the Prizing Station at the Total Health Show, we are bringing you opportunities to win great natural health prizes online!

For Business: Our top 5 tips for using Twitter efficiently

Tools and tips from Gisela (our Managing Director) to make social media work efficiently for your business

Fall recipes: Pumpkin soup

Take advantage of the season to prepare some pumpkin puree for the winter, and pumpkin soup to cut the chill

CHFA Top 5 -- Our annual round up of first impressions and favourite finds!

Every year we walk the floor of the Canadian Health Food Association's Expo East to explore what is new in the product world of natural health and green; here's our First Impression Top 5 Lists

Sumac: for seasonings and lemonade

It's the perfect time to harvest the staghorn sumac berries -- here's what to do with them!

Touring the roof garden at the Royal York Hotel

As part of the Urban Agriculture Summit videographer Marcus Schwartz gets us the inside scoop on commercial food production on the roof of the Royal York Hotel

Death of Evidence Rally, Ottawa, July 10 (2012)

Protest from Canada's science community in response to the Harper Governments disregard for (and cutting funding of) research in Canada

Six Popular Reasons to Enjoy a Day Spa

Take a trip to a day spa for some well-earned rest and relaxation, and enjoy some of the healthy therapies as well

Just because. (Kitties)

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. - Chinese Proverb

QuotePic: Importance of having the right attitude

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. - Helen Keller

Gift ideas for people undergoing cancer treatment

Bringing something truly useful to friends and family who have newly received a cancer diagnosis and are starting treatment

VIDEO: A garden in my apartment

Vertical container gardening ideas to grow your own fresh produce

Submitting articles to naturalhealthcare.ca

Becoming a featured content contributor to NHC

Understanding our editorial choices

Why do we continue to post studies that demonstrate negative results or other subject matter that may tweak some readers sensibilities

Rethinking the safety of antibacterial soap

Triclosan (and its companion triclocarban) in soap is environmentally damaging, toxic to young people, and no more effective than regular soap

Upcoming video content - our guests

Check out some of the great video content we'll be sharing with you as we finish editing the interviews and segments


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