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This is our little casual corner for informal posts on what we're doing, events we've attended, and the things we've eaten ;-) You can probably tell by that intro that this is the place where we let our hair down and just chat among ourselves.

We expect it to be fun, busy, and filled with links to friends as well as our other properties. We'll have guest writers from time to time, but the core will consist of the people mentioned in the kick-off post that you can read here.

There will definitely be content that is near and dear to our hearts, lots of photos, etc., but in part it's an area where not everything is going to be run past our editorial team. Expect live-blogging from events, microblogging, and more - on the fly, notes to ourselves, casual. If you are looking for our formal news section, check the main news button at the top there. The event calendar, classifieds, etc. can be reached from the left hand nav bar.

Recent Posts:

Pharmacovigilance: Holding Big Pharma Responsible in the Age of Social Media

Introducing transparency and accountability into pharmaceutical practice through social media

How much do you know about GMO foods?

Public perceptions of genetically modified foods inaccurate regarding prevalence and production

Meet Dr. Brian Clement in person!

Raw and living foods, with Dr. Brian Clement April 8, 2011 in Toronto, at the NaturalHealthcare.ca (pixcode) office

IN-CAM news for Natural Health Practitioners

Post-doctoral Fellow Opportunity, NHPRS Conference, Funding competition announcements

See Dr. Deepak Chopra in Edmonton at a special NHC reader price!

An Evening with Deepak Chopra: Healing, Transformation and Higher Consciousness Practical Tools & Discussion for Change

Eleven for 2011: Eleven easy and healthy changes you can make

11 Easy-to-Start, Easy-to-Keep New Years Resolutions that Will Boost Your Health in 2011

Giving the Gift of Health

5 Recommendations for Healthy Giving this Year as chosen by the NHC team (and written up by Gisela)

Guest Post Recipe: Fennel Stewed Scallops

Ann Barnes of Stealth Health Foods shares one of her healthy favourites with us!

See Wayne Dyer in Vancouver - 20% off tickets!

Use the promo code WOW when you purchase - then send us your proof of purchase to win an upgrade to VIP status!

Guide to Natural Health Training

New print directory of Canadian natural health schools and training in development

Awards wrap up

Congratulations to the winners and the nominees - and, of course, thank you for voting

Final days to vote! Best of Canada Natural Health Awards Wraps this Friday

Close races in several categories including Best Coach, Magazine/Publication, Events, and more!

Massage Therapy Research grant deadline Sept 30

Planning to apply for a grant from the Holistic Health Research Foundation's Massage Therapy Research Fund? Deadline is this Thursday (September 30th, 2010)

Parliament returns next week: What is next for NHPs?

Just a quick reminder that Parliament returns and vigilance is required

The books are in

(Mostly sharing because almost everyone is working from home today)

20% of Canadian teenagers 15-19 are not in school

Education, economic status key indicators of health outcomes; surprises as to which provinces fare worst

UPDATE to the Best of Canada voting process

Now vote for any nominee in the category rather than just your own city.

For Practitioners. Book Number 2 - the topic list

Not quite the Call for Contributors yet, but there is the list of topics that you can start thinking about...

Media Release: The Best of Canada 2010: Celebrating Canadian Natural Health Products, People, and Places

Copy of the official media release sent Thurs. Aug 26

NaturalHealthcare.ca launches new free social media service for natural health business owners

Service provides: team and individual blogs, connected to Facebook and Twitter. Translation from geekspeak: Blah blah blah, market your business, social media, free. ;-)

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