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April 24, 2006: Massage Therapists: OMTA alert

Photo: Warning Sign

New version of the Cheque and Wire

Transfer Scam that is directed at Massage Therapists


One of our members notified us today of a new version of the Cheque and Wire Transfer Scam that is directed at Massage Therapists.

With this scam, you are contacted via e -mail by someone asking for information regarding your services and fees, noting they will be traveling into your area in the near future and would like to book a block of your time for the week. They will insist on paying you the full amount up front by cheque. The cheque you receive will be for a greater amount than what the sessions will cost. The scammer will give you an excuse explaining the error and ask you to wire transfer the difference.

Unfortunately, the cheque he provided you is fraudulent. It will appear real and may even be certified. Even though your bank will clear the cheque initially, several weeks later the bank will learn the cheque is a forgery and the amount of the cheque will be taken back from your account. For more information on this type of scam and other types of scams, please visit PhoneBusters, which is a national anti-fraud agency jointly run by the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 



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