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This area of the site is for you, the visitors, to contribute to the content on the site. Add your opinions, recommendations, events, communicate with each other - even if you are thousands of miles apart, you are still connected as a community of interest.

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Civility & Expectations

We do ask a few things of you though, keep it to a level that is appropriate for a junior high school student to be able to do research, and not be subjected to foul language, or obscene materials. In addition, we will not tolerate the verbal or written abuse of other community members through [racial/sexual/ethnic/etc.] slurs, threats, intimidation, violence, or sexual and other forms of harassment. Your account will immediately be terminated.

Spamming is not allowed. Messages deemed as spam (and that is solely at the discretion of the list or forum administrator and moderators) will be deleted and the poster banned from further participation.

This is your area. As such, we must remind you that the opinions in this section are those of the poster, and are not to be construed as being endorsed by the development team of

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B2B Discussion Forums

The Business Community Discussion Forums are open.

If you are a practitioner or other natural health business owner or student - feel free to make an account (there's no cost). The platform is the Ning network, so if you have an account on another Ning network, use your existing log in and password to create an account with the NHC Community.

Some of the ways you use the area to your benefit include: team blogging (and you can also use the feed on your own website, so your posts get twice the impact), practitioner service exchange (private area where you can tell people what you offer and what you would like to trade), keep up to date with marketing opportunities from NHC and other practitioners, and more.

All members must be pre-approved for membership.

The Blog

We've been collecting interesting stories as we attend and sponsor events, and the blog is where we'll be reporting those, along with the less formal news items and pieces. You'll notice at the moment, there is nowhere for you to comment on the pieces - we are updating the system to use OpenID - which means you'll be able to use your Google, Yahoo, Facebook or other participating login information, rather than having to make a new account and remember another username and password.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar lets you notify all of us in this little community about your event. Event postings are approved for suitability before they go live. Our criteria of suitability:

  • Notice must be of interest to Canadians
  • Notice must not contain "adult" material


The public Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication (mostly), and the business newsletter is issued quarterly, in an electronic format. There is no fear that we are going to spam you as we have no idea where people get the time to do such a thing - we're busy enough maintaining the website content. Searchable archives are available.

Information on this website is for information purposes only.
Please consult a qualified health practitioner before taking any course of action.
Always check for counter-results before deciding on a course of action.

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