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Frequently Asked Questions


These are the recurring questions we receive via email. We have separated them into general public, business, and practitioners/store owners/suppliers.

If you do not find the answer to the question you want to ask, feel free to contact us via email - 2009inquiries@naturalhealthcare.ca


Is the content on this site sponsored by the advertisers?
The content is written and maintained completely independent of the advertising.
Some articles are written by practitioners, and these are clearly indicated in the by-line at the bottom of the piece.
I am interested in training to become a [insert Practitioner type]. Where can I find information about the requirements?
In the Therapy Types section of the Glossaries, we have provided additional information about the Associations and schools related to each field. Also the For Practitioners section has a listing of schools sorted by therapy/practice type.
What are the minimum training requirements for the Practitioners listed in the directory?
Each field of care has its own standards for licensing, and those are best located by checking the sites of the representative Associations and/or Colleges.

General Business

How can I get a pre-printed copy of the posters for my company?
We have a limited number of posters, bookmarks, and laminated scorecards in stock that we use for promotional materials and as part of our prize packages.
The reason we made the posters available as download and print pieces was for the benefit of small business owners needing to quickly assemble materials for a wellness/health promotion program. We did not forsee the demand for these materials from other sources, but we are now investigating other delivery methods. More on this shortly.
Do you have wellness questionnaires pre-printed?
The workplace wellness section of the site is aimed at small businesses who do not have an HR person on site. In the interest of keeping their costs down, we have opted to provide the basics for developing their own questionnaire, as well as support materials to help them implement their health promotion program. As with the response above, the answer is currently, "no, but we are looking into assembling a package."
Do you provide items for our wellness fair or expos?
We do have gifts, information packages, and promotional materials available for appropriate events. Depending on the number of items needed, we have different information pieces that we can provide for you. If you are looking for a gift basket for a door prize or fundraiser, we have those as well.
Bilingual materials
To date we have had only three requests for the posters and challenge scorecards in French. Unfortunately, this does not currently represent sufficient demand for the investment of our resources in this direction.

Practitioners/Store owners/Suppliers


How many modalities can I indicate with my free listing?
You can select as many modalities as you legitimately provide, and if there is no correct category listed, add it in the "Other Therapies" box. If we find enough people of a specific therapy type, we may add it to the main list. HOWEVER, only list modalities that you actually provide. If there is another practitioner onsite who performs additional therapies, list that person separately. We will remove practitioners from the database if we receive complaints from the end users.
How can I edit my listing?
Email us. Send us the first name, last name, and phone number of the listing that needs to be corrected, along with the updated information. Send them to errors2005@naturalhealthcare.ca
If I upgrade my listing to include a paid link, does the link appear in every category I select?
I work at a wellness clinic with many practitioners. Can other practitioners at the site also have the link display?
Yes, up to three people at the same address can have a link appear in their listing. However, only the primary listing will appear on the Featured Users page.
What if I don't want to pay online?
You can fill out the form and send in a cheque. Your listing will appear as a basic listing until the cheque arrives.
How can I be added to the Featured Members box on the front page of the site?
Only members who host websites with NaturalHealthcare.ca or its sister site massagesource.ca appear in the front page rotation. The same applies to the front page link on massagesource.ca
What is the point of adding a link to my listing?
Well, first of all, anyone searching for that modality type can click through immediately to find out more information about your practice; second, it bumps your listing up in priority for the search results (internally to NHC); and third, it helps with your search engine ranking for your own site. You can read more about it in this PDF document.
Can search engines access my listing page?
Yes, see these Google results for example. (We apologize if the first page of that isn't just listings - the search phrase is simply "practitioners" on this site.)


How much does it cost to have a banner ad?
It depends on the size and type of ad. See the Banner Ads page for more information.
Do you design the ads for me?
We can. We will use your existing artwork to create an attractive and appealing graphic with your message. Rates are included on the Banner Ads page.
Can I use my banner ad elsewhere if you design it?
Yes. It's yours to use as you please. If you purchase a tower ad from us, and need it resized for use elsewhere, we will do it for a nominal rate.
What is this about advertising on multiple sites?
NaturalHealthcare.ca is one of a suite of sites by pixcode Inc. Other sites include BusinessPartnerships.ca (which currently doesn't have advertising, but in the near future may have banners on the articles), CottageMania.ca, MassageSource.ca, AllAboutBusiness.ca, and the forthcoming, BenefitMe.ca. Advertising on more than one site can be placed at a substantial discount.
Why don't you just use a third party ad placement tool?
We do have Commission Junction Ads in rotation on other sites, and if we see products that are a decent match for this site, we may add them into the rotation as well.

Advertising information can be found on the Advertising page.

More questions will be added as we receive them. Feel free to submit your question to us.


Information on this website is for information purposes only.
Please consult a qualified health practitioner before taking any course of action.
Always check for counter-results before deciding on a course of action.

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