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Workplace Wellness: First Aid Courses

Photo: First Aid station

First aid is one of those things that you everyone hopes they will never need, but is a good thing to know in case of an emergency.

From a broader business perspective, bringing a first aid trainer into the workplace can become part of a team-building exercise, as it encourages people to work together to learn for a common goal.

Many Workplace First Aid courses also include a Workplace Safety component, which teaches staff to identify dangerous situations before accidents happen. This can have a significant impact on the bottom line in terms of both human cost (lost time, Worker's Comp claims administration time) and insurance and claims costs.

First Aid Precautions (know-how)

  1. The first rule in first aid is SAFETY. When assisting someone else do not become the second casualty. For instance, do not enter a burning building to rescue someone unless you are trained to do so, and if you are not a swimmer, do not enter deep water to rescue someone who is drowning.
  2. Make sure that you are not doing more harm than good. Avoid going beyond your training; leave the medical stuff to the Paramedics and the Doctors.

    Stay away from medication unless the patient/casualty has their own medication prescribed by their doctor for the problem that they are currently experiencing.

  3. You can keep injuries to a minimum by knowing what to do when faced with an emergency. Take a first Aid or C.P.R. course and learn how to save a life

Business First Aid Tips:

For Burns

Hold affected area under cold water; do not apply ointments or butter.

For sprains:

Use a cold pack.

Basic supplies for an office first aid kit:

This is a short list of items that every workplace should have on hand.

  1. Sterile gauze pads
  2. CPR pocket masks/key chain pocket masks (See drug store or Laerdal)
  3. Cold pack
  4. Adhesive dressings
  5. Bandaids
  6. Cotton pads (rolled)
  7. Safety pins - mixed sizes
Poster: First Aid and the Emergency Flowchart

Emergency and First Aid Poster

Preview poster (opens in new window, your browser may resize to fit window, click bottom right corner icon to enlarge)

These tips were provided by Laura Alleyne, Former ITEC District Representative, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Halton and Hamilton-Wentworth.

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