Getting a Free Directory Listing on

We're opening up free listings in our directory. To get one, there are three simple things we ask in return:

(1) Follow and share us on Twitter (and we'll follow you back, so that's a win-win);
(2) be willing to answer two short surveys over the course of the year; and
(3) link to us from a page on your website (so that even more people can find great natural health news and content).
1. Follow us and mention us on Twitter (@NHCnews).
Facebook would be nice too, if you are using it, but not mandatory.)

If you aren't already on Twitter, you should be -- at least, if you are serious about marketing online, and if you aren't, what's the point of this free listing? The hard truth is: People who sit back and wait for things to come to them aren't motivated enough to make things work.

We wrote a great article on best practices (click here) to help you streamline your Twitter process and integrate it into your weekly marketing activities (you are marketing weekly, right?), to keep the amount of time needed to a minimum.

2. Participate in at least two surveys in the next year.
In our theoretically-monthly-but-more-like-quarterly business newsletter, we'll be asking questions about how we can serve you better, so that we're not doing things like investing in developing a discussion forum that no one actually uses. (That's gone now.)

To keep your free listing you'll need to click through and answer the questions at least twice in the next year. (For these surveys only you'll need to use your user name to log in, so we'll know it's you.)

3. Link to us from your website.

Choose one of the images below that match your site. There's code below each image to embed it on a page, with the image being fed from our site. (If you are more tech-savvy or have a webmaster, feel free to download it and embed it locally, or use the RSS news feeds to make an active page link).





And that's it! Once you've signed up, you'll be sent a link where you can manage your listing, and that is where you will find the form to enter your Twitter handle and the link to the page where you have placed a back link. We'll verify the tweet and the link, and approve your listing!

Ready to get started?

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