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1. the act or process of boiling anything in a watery fluid to extract its virtues.
2. an extract got from a body by boiling it in water.

in pharmacy decoction is opposed to infusion, where there is merely steeping. --latham.

general preparation guidelines

(do not use metal pots for preparing. use ceramic or enamelled cookware.)
  • hard herbs are best prepared as decoctions; the higher temperature ensures that the active ingredients are actually released into the water.

  • for dried herbs add one teaspoonful to each cup of water; three teaspoonfuls per cup for fresh herbs.

  • crushing dry herbs and finely chopping fresh helps speed the process along.

  • boil the mixture for a minute, then simmer at medium heat, with the lid on, for about 15 minutes.

  • strain the decoction before drinking.

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