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jin shin jyutsu (jin shin jyutsu)
Jin Shin Jyutsu is a form of bodywork and energy medicine that originates in Japan. It translates to "art of the Creator via a person of knowing and compassion" (Jin = "Man of Knowing and Compassion"; Shin = "Creator"; Jyutsu = "Art"). It is considered the art of harmonizing life energy within t   (more info - jin shin jyutsu)

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Joint Mobilization
Mobilization involves moving the joints in a way that you cannot move it yourself. It involves small movements of the actual bone surfaces on each other. There are many different movements of mobilization, some that help to decrease pain and others that help to increase the movement range of the joi   (more info - Joint Mobilization)

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Joint Play
The practitioner will move the joints to achieve full, pain-free range of motion with a special stretching technique. This technique is derived from the osteopathic system.

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Neti (jala neti)
Neti is a component of the full Yogic (see yoga) system. It entails cleansing the nasal passages to allow better breathing and breathwork. Cleansing is done through the pouring of saline water through the nasal passages, which are then dried by quick, short, intense breaths. Two techniques are   (more info - Neti)

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