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vitamin a
used by the body to keep the mucous membrane supple, to support the growth of teeth and bones, and is a component of 11-cis retinol - vitamin a aldehyde (helps with eyesight by keeping the rods functioning).
this vitamin is found in fish liver oils, liver, egg yolks, butter, cream as retinoids, and as carotenoids in yellow fruits and leafy green vegetables, such as carrots, mango, papaya, and spinach. bread, sugar, and monosodium glutamate are fortified with vitamin a.

best retained by injesting in conjunction with vitamin e, as this helps to keep it from being broken down by your intestines.

deficiency results in dry and cracking skin, dysfunction of the retina, growth retardation, vulnerability to infections, nerve damage and problems with the lungs, gastro-intestinal tract and urinary tract. It also impairs your senses of taste and smell, and your ability to perspire and remove toxins from your system.

excesses result in carotenemia, the effects of which vanish once the excesses are flushed from the system. look for the following symptoms: cracked lips, loss of hair and eyebrows, abnormal vision, constipation, and yellowing of the palms and soles. Overdosing during pregnancy could result in birth defects.

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