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Herbal Remedies, Herbology, and Other Uses for Herbs

Chamomile tea - an herbal classic

Herbs have been used for their therapeutic purposes from time immemorial. Many modern medicines have their roots in a traditional form, and even today new medicines are coming out of traditional sources.

The category of herbal medicine is broad and usage can encompass: roots, leaves, flowers, fruits & berries, seeds, bark, needles, oils, and resin or sap. As a result, we have an array of plant-based products, including some you might not think of as being "herbal".

Remember this is not a substitute for medical advice. Where possible, we have included possible contraindications, but always consult a medical practitioner before deciding on a course of action. You should have a full review of your current state of health before putting anything into your system that may affect or interact with an unknown condition.

Herbal Remedies In the News and Articles on Herb Usage

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Articles & Reference

Herbology 101
reference guide to the historical and current uses of the herbs mentioned on this site. Depending on the herb, it may contain information on its place in traditional medicine, aromatherapy, or even its culinary use.
Harvesting Your Herbs
Tips on when to pick and how to store your herbs
Growing Herbs Indoors
A guide to potted herbs for cooking and for therapeutic use
Edible Flowers
Add a little spice to your next meal - flowers can be both beautiful and a culinary delight!
Herbal Preserves
Ways to preserve and enjoy your fresh herbs!

Information on this website is for information purposes only.
Please consult a qualified health practitioner before taking any course of action.
Always check for counter-results before deciding on a course of action.

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