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Health, Nutrition, and Green-Living Links

This is a collection of the links found on the various sections of the website. From Fashion and beauty to guides to different natural therapies to raising healthy children, this page lists it all.

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Better World Environment
Go for Green
A national non-profit, charitable organization encouraging Canadians to pursue healthy, outdoor physical activities while being good environmental citizens.
Earthroots’ position on the environmental front is as both a strong advocate and agitator for wilderness preservation in Ontario.
Ontario Nature
Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Wildlands League
The Wildlands League's mission is to protect wilderness through the establishment of protected areas and through the promotion of natural resource use that is sustainable for nature, communities and the economy.
HT Naturals Inc.
Hemptown Clothing has something for all ages: soft, long lasting T-Shirts, dress shirts, ladies wear, baseball caps and even infant T-Shirts!
Hemp and Company (BC)
Clothing for men and women, plus body care items
Effort's Hempwear
Effort Industries - Hemp-based fabrics and clothing
Round Belly Clothing
Earth-Friendly Maternity wear, children's clothing & baby blankets, made of ecospun, organic cottons, and hemp.
Moo Shoes
Non-leather shoes and accessories, men and women
Ecocycle - Environment Canada Newsletter
A newsletter that shares information on policy and technical issues related to product environmental life-cycle management (LCM).
Government Health Sources
Health Canada's reference
The Healthy Living website.
Health Canada Online
The official Health Canada Web site
Natural Health Products Directorate
Our mission is to ensure that all Canadians have ready access to natural Health products that are safe, effective, and of high quality, while respecting freedom of choice and philosophical and cultural diversity.
Office of Nutrition Policy
The ONPP's mission is to promote the nutritional health and well being of Canadians by collaboratively defining, promoting and implementing evidence-based nutrition policies and standards.
Population and Public Health
Agriculture Canada Cdn Plants
Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System
Canadian Poisonous Plants
Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility's Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System
Health Canada Warnings
Page of Warnings issued by Health Canada, related to products and/or services.
Therapeutic Prdts Directorate
Health Canada's Therapeutic Products Directorate is the Canadian federal authority that regulates pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices for human use.
Public Involvement Calendar
Receive newsletters, and info designed to keep Canadians aware of opportunities to be informed and involved in the development of health protection policies and programs.
Canada Health Portal
Cdn Inst. of Health Research
CIHR strives for excellence in creating new knowledge and translating it into improved health for all Canadians.
Health Canada Food Program
The Mission of the Food Program is to protect and improve the health of the people of Canada through science-based policies and programs related to safe and nutritious food.
Alberta Health & Wellness
Guide to Provincial healthcare in Alberta
Healthy Alberta
Government of Alberta site with information, recipes and a healthy eating checklist.
British Columbia
BC Health Authorities
BC Ministry of Health Services
Manitoba Health
Manitoba Ministry of Health Services
New Brunswick
NB Health & Wellness
The official home page of the Department of Health and Wellness, New Brunswick, Canada.
Health and Community Services
The Department of Health and Community Services provides a leadership role in health and community services programs and policy development for the Province.
Northwest Territories
Health and Social Services
Under the direction of the Minister, the Department of Health and Social Services is mandated to provide a broad range of health and social programs and services to the residents of the NWT.
Nova Scotia
Department of Health
The Nova Scotia Department of Health website offers information and publications on the department's programs, services and key health initiatives.
Health and Social Services
Government of Nunavut -- Department of Health and Social Services
Health and Long-Term Care
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Ontario site with links and information about current health issues.
Prince Edward Island
Health and Social Services
The mandate of the Prince Edward Island Health and Social Services is to work in partnership with our citizens to protect, promote and improve the health and independence of all Islanders.
QC Gov English Health Site
Government of Quebec English Health Site
Saskatchewan Health
Guide to Provincial healthcare in Saskatchewan
Health and Social Services
he mission of the Department of Health and Social Services commits the department and its employees to quality health and social services for Yukoners.
Green fishing
Living Oceans Society
Canada’s largest organization focusing exclusively on marine conservation issues.
Seafood Watch
Monterey Bay Aquarium initiative on sustainable seafood. Includes downloadable or printable guide to sustainable seafood choices.
Vancouver Island
Alive Magazine
The journal of record for the natural-health movement in Canada. Launched in 1975 by Siegfried Gursche, it was a pioneering voice in the natural-health movement and quickly became a trusted source for people seeking more control over their own health.
Common Ground Magazine
Common Ground Magazine is: - Read by 1/4 million each month - Independent - 100% Canadian - Established in 1982 - Distributed FREE at more than 1,200 locations in B.C., Ontario and Alberta - CCAB/BPI member since Nov 2002
Alternatives Journal
Alternatives is a quarterly journal dedicated to in-depth analysis of environmental issues and, in particular, to the connections among ecological, social and economic dimensions. It combines the learned rigour of an academic journal with the accessible style and format of a general audience magazine, making a unique hybrid. The journal has been published continuously in Canada since 1971, making it the oldest environmental journal in the country. It is published by Alternatives Inc., a non-profit charitable corporation.
Vista Magazine
Health, Wellness and Fitness magazine based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Animal Wellness
Embracing the entire holistic spectrum, from physical health issues to the emotional and spiritual well being of our animals
HANS - Health Action Magazine
The online publication of the Health Action Network Society with info about healthy choices
Open Up Magazine online
Photo: Magazine and Glasses Open Magazine serves mid-western Ontario, with a focus on providing evidence based information on integrative health (conventional and complementary). Topics include nutrition, environmental health, mental health, supplements, and more. You can also read the current version online by clicking the magazine graphic to the right.
Wholife Magazine
WHOLifE Journal Wholeness and Wellness Journal of Saskatchewan Since 1995
The Natural Healer
The Natural Healer undertakes to promote the best interests of health and wellness for all individuals ready to take charge of their own health through education and awareness of available alternatives.
Vitality Magazine
Vitality Magazine is Central Canada's largest publication on natural health, alternative medicine, and green living. It is available free in selected outlets across the province of Ontario.
The Herbal Collective
This magazine supports a more holistic approach to health, and the treatment of illness by alternative methods. Available free at locations around Nanaimo BC.
New Directions Magazine
New Directions Magazine On Line! is an extension of the print magazine available in Southern Ontario. It is updated regularly and contains stories and information not available in the print magazine.
CheckUP-the magazine for optimal health
CheckUP Magazine is a consumer based optimal health and wellness publication. CheckUP focuses on optimal living, disease prevention and management while embracing both conventional and natural wellness philosophies. CheckUP Magazine is a bi-monthly full gloss publication that is distributed in the Greater Toronto Area. CheckUP is distributed through Pharmacies, Wellness Centres, Grocers, Health Stores, Fitness Centres, Whole Food/Organic Grocers, Hospitals and many more key locations.
The Source
The Source Health and Wellness Journal reflects the holistic health community's interest in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and surrounding areas
Healthy Directions
At Healthy Directions, we offer researched nutrition and supplement information. Read our latest issues on-line!
South Asian Health Chronicle
Health magazine and Online health portal about health issues related to South Asians in GTA - but also to other ethnicities and nationalities.
Tonic Toronto Magazine
Published eleven times a year, Tonic covers food, fitness, natural healthcare and the environment with timely and informative articles that will surely quench your thirst for knowledge. Tonic is home-delivered Globe and Mail or free for pick-up in over 160 locations throughout the GTA.
Body & Soul Magazine
Body & Soul Magazine is all about inspiring you to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. Let us be the trusted resource you turn to for ideas, information and advice as you balance the needs of your body and those of your soul. Positive change starts here!
Organic Style Magazine
Your Ultimate Source for Everything Organic Health... Beauty... Food... Home... Garden... Travel... Work...Family...Soul.
totalHealth Magazine
totalHealth deals with holistic health covering body, mind and spirit.
Natural Health Magazine Online
Health & nutrition advice on alternative medicines, supplements, natural remedies & food.
Dietitians of Canada
Health Canada's Guide To Nutrition Labeling
BC resource to nutrition, primarily focused on providing telephone support and information, but having a number of guides available online
Organic Food
Organic Consumers Association
US - The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) The OCA is a grassroots non-profit public interest organization which deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, corporate accountability, and environmental sustainability.
The Canadian version of The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods.
Organic Living Gardening
Wild Flower Farm
design and install ecologically balanced, sustainable landscapes
Personal Development
Resource of articles and interviews on the subject of personal growth
an array of articles pertaining to Holistic Pet care
Simply Pets Recipes
Recipe Source
Pet Grub
Every Day Moms
Pet food recipes
Animal Protection Institute
article "What's really in Pet Food"
Canadian Health Network
Assembled by Health Canada, a good place to keep up to date on Canadian studies and programs
US Nat'l Library of Medicine
US National Library of Medicine - search studies to see the efficacy of treatments.
Care2.com - Search Engine
Search Engine & Community
MSKCC Herb & Botanical KB
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's Database of Information Resource: About Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products
NCCAM Research Network
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
IN-CAM Research Network
Canadian Interdisciplinary Network for CAM Research
Journal of Naturopathic Med
International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine - Peer reviewed journal of the profession
Columbia University News
Research media releases from Columbia
Skeptic's Dictionary
Dictionary of sceptical analysis of many areas of study, including CAM
Veganism & Vegetarianism
International Vegetarian Union
International Organization focused on proming Vegetarianism worldwide
Toronto Vegetarian Association
Founded in 1945, the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) is the largest and second oldest locally-based vegetarian organization in North America.
Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association (VIVA)
The organization strives to promote local vegetarian education, community service, events and benefits to their membership and community.
# 1 Female Health Source.com
information on Anemia, and other health issues relevant to women.
Workplace Wellness
Association of Canadian Ergonomists
A cross-disciplinary association of professionals who have human factors/ergonomics interests. They can be research workers seeking to expand knowledge in the field, practitioners endeavouring to apply existing knowledge, or members of the public and clients in need of human factors/ergonomics expertise and services. Membership is open to those who will benefit from the judicious application of human factors and ergonomic knowledge, either as individuals or as representatives of organizations.
mental health
Addiction & Mental Health Rdtl
Global Business and Creating Healthy Workplaces Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health
Your Family Aging Gracefully
Aging Parents and Elder Care
A site dedicated to helping people navigate through a difficult time
Health Canada Division of Aging and Seniors
University of Wales College of Medicine - Osteoporosis Information
Health Canada's Healthy Heart Kit
National Institutes of Health (US)
Article - Diet Rich in Foods with Vitamin E May Reduce Alzheimer’s Disease Risk
Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada
The Canadian Study of Health and Aging
National Roundtable Summaries - Home care


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