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Music Therapy Gives Voice to the Voiceless

Photo: piano keys

Many patients, e.g. stroke survivors,

who can't talk can still sing.


From an article is ScienceNOW:

The stroke patients have had damage to the part of the left side of their brain involved in speech. But similar areas on the right side of the brain can also be used, if therapy can reach them. Making music turns on much of the brain at once. It engages the hearing, emotion, and motor skills.

"Singing can give entry into a broken system by engaging the right hemisphere," says Schlaug. He has compared images of patients' brains before and after the therapy and found that the right side of the brain changes, both structurally and functionally.

And the patients change, too. In another video clip, a man tries to give his address. He struggles, but he canít get the words out. Heís clearly frustrated. Itís 4 years after a stroke, and the man has tried many speech therapiesóall to no avail. Then, in a second video, taken after 75 Melodic Intonation Therapy sessions, the man is reciting his house number, street, and town.

Read the full article at the link. 



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