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Workplace Wellness: On site Healthcare

Healthcare in the Office

Workplace wellness ROI can be enhanced by making it easier for employees to actually take preventive health measures - and that includes bringing the services to the staff. It also show that you are committed to making the program work for your employees.

Most employers remember on-site wellness when it comes to wellness fairs, and perhaps having a nurse come in to do Health Risk Assessments and blood cholesterol or glucose checks. But there is a wide array of other services that you can also bring into your workplace environment.

Here are some suggestions.

Types of on-site wellness services:

Stress Management

This is a broad category that can include the other categories on this page, or involve bringing in specific practitioners to teach stress management techniques. Usually these people are know as "coaches," and will teach employees various techniques to decompress both at work and at home.

It can involve such concepts as time management, organizational skills training, and work-life balance. Usually the employees will end up with tools that they can use on an ongoing basis to help them feel on top of the daily tasks and the little surprises that disrupt their work patterns and make them feel like they are losing control. Stress management improves staff morale, helping companies retain key personnel.

For a list of practitioners, you can also see: Stress.NaturalHealthcare.ca

Chair Massage

On-site Massage

On site massage provided by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) or Certified Chair Massage Practitioner is both relaxing and therapeutic, and is great way to relieve stress and tension. Be sure to investigate the different Modalities available. Most Extended Health Care Plans cover Massage Therapy, provided by a qualified RMT.

Depending on your office setup, you can hire in either table massage or chair massage. Chair massage is often a good way to introduce your employees to the benefits of massage as it is performed fully clothed. It requires less space than a table, and does not demand the privacy of on site table massage. It is useful as a quick "pick me up" in the middle of the day. Table massage works best if you have a spare office that can be closed off for longer stretches of time.

MassageSource.ca, College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, Massage Therapists' Association of British Columbia.


Reflexology is the non-invasive practice of manipulating the feet (with the hands) with pressure and other techniques to stimulate the body's natural immune and healing responses. It helps to relieve stress and tension, and it helps promote a general sense of well-being. It is good for migraines, and other tension-induced ailments.

Reflexology Association of Canada


Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile oils to induce a state of well-being. It can be combined with Massage Therapy or used alone in the office environment. Either way, it is best to have a skilled practitioner help you select the products and advise on the way they should be used.

Be sure to take into account allergies and sensitivities to scents before making a decision that could affect the health of your employees.


Yoga can be used as a motivational tool, a means of promoting team building, or simply as a way to "de-stress" after a long meeting.

Regular, ongoing Yoga classes are a great way to boost morale and keep workers happy, healthy and productive. An On site Yoga program can be custom designed to fit most budgets and can range anywhere from a 10 minute Yoga break to a daylong workshop.

The beauty of Yoga is that it can immediately be incorporated into the workday. All that is required is a ten-minute block of uninterrupted time and a desk or conference table. Practically anyone can create their own personal mini-vacation away from work by following a few simple exercises.

Other Ideas

You can also see the Fitness in the Workplace page for more information.

You can find workplace wellness statistics and quotes among other great wellness program tools at our Wellergize.ca site.


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