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This is the Privacy Policy for It holds for all pages on this site, and only on this site - pages reached via one of the external links are not obligated to hold to our priniciples, and you should check their individual Policies - this includes pages hosted at our site but not run by our staff (practitioner and supplier pages).

Information collected

Visitors to

We currently collect basic information at the webserver level, e.g. hostname, browser type, date/time of access, whether the page request was successful. We make no attempt to correlate this data with specific users, and only use this data for the purposes of site maintenance and improvement. For instance, we may discover that an area of the site is being ignored, and may choose to alter the content so that it is more useful to the visitors.

Contestants and Reviewers

Periodically, we collect personal information for the purposes of running contests. We reserve the right to contact contestants after the period of the contest to let them know about new developments on, but we will not contact them on behalf of advertisers, nor will we sell that information.

We also have a form to collect information in order to select eligible people for product reviews. This form collects personally identifiable information, but assigns each user a randomly generated id. It is only by this unique identifier that any reviewers will be identified to anyone outside of pixcode Inc. and/or personnel. Personal information will not be sold or shared to any third parties.

Members & Practitioners

We collect information to use in our directory, and to be able to contact you about your account and/or information. Your phone number is the only data available to the public, unless you choose to make more information available via the listing form. If you wish to be removed from the database altogether, simply email and give us your name, address and phone number so that we can verify that it is in fact you requesting removal, and not your competition removing you. (This email address replaces previous email addresses for this purpose.)

We will not sell or otherwise distribute your information, except as set out by the database, and/or where you choose to place it in your personal pages, and the members section. We reserve the right to contact you if necessary, about the state of the site, and new developments.

Mailing List Unsubscription Policy

By subscribing to any lists or groups on, you agree to send any unsubscribe requests directly to us, and not to a third party. We will remove you immediately, but we will not be matching our list of subscribers to "do not mail" lists elsewhere on, or off, the Internet.


Visitors to

Cookies may be given on the forum pages so that you can track which topics you have read, and which ones are new since the last time you visited with that particular computer. They are not used for any other purposes.


Cookies are used to issue you a randomly-generated session id upon log in, which is good until you close your browser. This prevents you from having to enter your user name and password each time you access a protected page. Your user name and password are used to attribute your posts to the forum and your content edits to your pages. If you have sub accounts (multiple users from the same company, all assigned to one master account) you can see what content changes have been made by which sub user.

We may use this information internally to make sure our offerings are the most useful to you, and if we notice that certain features are not being used as frequently as expected, we may contact you for suggestions to make them more useful.

This information will not be sold or otherwise distributed.


If you have received mail that ostensibly originates with, please check the headers to ensure that it actually is being sent by our staff. Spammers often try to disguise their email as originating from legitimate sources to trick you into opening it.

Attachments & Email

Email sent by our staff (except to our mailing lists) will be sent as plain text (not HTML) and will not contain any attachments that you are not expecting. Most often, we will send a link to a location where you can pick up a file, rather than attach it directly.

Contacting Us

If you do not agree with our Policy, and/or have abuse to report, please contact us:

pixcode Inc,

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