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Natural Healthcare References & Resources

Reference Guides - online and hard copy

Looking for information about the different types of therapies (modalities) or what a term means? The Reference pages contain everything from explanations of each type of Therapist designation/accreditation to information on health and wellness throughout your life span. Don't forget the Herbal Remedy reference is always available off the top navigation bar.

In this section:

Natural Health Glossary & Definitions
This section contains definitions of terms used throughout the site. It can be used in conjunction with the Herbal Remedies pages found in the main navigation bar or with other site content.
Nutrition Basics
Information on proper nutrition for physical and mental well being. With our busy schedules, fast food grows increasingly appealing, but sacrificing your health for convenience is not worth the tradeoff.
Natural Health and Your Family
This section of the site is information for natural alternatives to taking care of your family, from birth right through to aging gracefully - even help for the family pet! This section focuses on the family unit as a whole, keeping you active, and healthy.
Health & Wellness Articles
A section where you can explore in detail about healthy living techniques or holistic/alternative care.
Frequently Asked Questions
These are the recurring questions we receive via email. We have separated them into general public, business, and practitioners/store owners/suppliers.
Getting the Facts
If you are looking to do a little more in-depth research into a particular treatment and/or product, there are a few good resources online where you can compare the results against the claims. Where to go to find out the science behind the therapies.
Natural Health Book Collection
This is a collection of the books found on the various sections of the website. From Fashion and beauty to guides to different natural therapies to raising healthy children, this page lists it all.
Complementary and Alternative Health Magazines
A compilation of magazines exploring an array of wellness topics, from alternative medicine to buying organic to nurturing your soul.
A collection of all the links found throughout the website, including non-profit organizations, natural and organic retailers, online information portals, and government websites.

Information on this website is for information purposes only.
Please consult a qualified health practitioner before taking any course of action.
Always check for counter-results before deciding on a course of action.

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