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2009 highlights are: Unique Visitors: 2,425,844; search terms and phrases driving traffic to NHC: 83,076.

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You've built your website. Now what?

Chart: traffic growth of the site

Well, you have to bring traffic to the site, and depending on the purpose of your site (providing more information to existing customers, speak to new clients, sell products, create a community, etc.) the ways to approach that are numerous:

  • putting your URL on all outbound correspondence, business cards and marketing materials;
  • get listed in as many directories as possible;
  • search engines;
  • word of mouth (or word of text as people pass along recommendations online);
  • links from related sites - whether in context in the body of a story, or as advertising.

Putting your URL on marketing materials really speaks only to people you are already in contact with. Word of mouth cannot be controlled or predicted. Links, on the other hand, server two purposes - directly bringing traffic to your website, and bringing search engines, which raises your own Page Rank (or popularity).

When you can get a free link from a directory, even if it is generic, take it. The exception is what search engines consider "link farms" - that is sites that have no actual content of their own, only links.

When choosing which paid directories to get linked from, you need to know which ones are a) relevant to your business, and b) either have sufficient internal traffic that it is worth being listed to have access to their visitors, or are useful from a "search engine popularity" perspective. There are articles on this site and on our companion sites which explain this further, but in a nutshell, many search engines (Google started the trend) view a link to your page as a "vote of confidence" in the quality of the content on that page. You want to make sure the search engine can reach the page that contains your link, and the higher the page rank of that page, the more weight the "vote of confidence" has.

Results for NHC officially launched November 2003.

YearUnique Visitors Search Phrases Highlights
2004278,54014,803Top keywords: natural, health, acai wellness, fruit, and remedies
2005852,03616,623Launched first set of mini-sites
20061,374,03921,904Stopped doing detailed year end keyword analysis due to volume
20071,632,32740,697Began hosting networking evenings for practitioners; prizing and promotion for major health expos
20081,814,804 45,087Spin Wellergize out into separate brand; top keywords: wellness, natural, friendly [eco / environmentally], acai, remedies
20092,425,844 83,076Roll out a fully-integrated social media strategy, added more multimedia elements to the site, nes subdomains including: pets, coaching, supplements

Our steady increase in traffic comes on many fronts:

  • Repeat visitors and referrals (through viral elements such as games, contest, and the "tell a friend" link)
  • Higher search engine placement for even more terms (thanks to our "long tail" strategy, and custom-built in-house content management system)
  • Direct visits thanks to our advertising and brand-awareness strategy.

2008 NHC Stats:

Unique Visitors1,814,804
Percent of Traffic from Canada70.34%
Total Hits28,050,853
Different Keyphrases 45,087
Different Keywords (Individual Words)13,623
Percent of traffic from bookmarks
or referrals/recommendations
80.6 %
Percent of Search Engine
Traffic from Google

Yes, a listing on costs more than some other online directories, but you get what you pay for.

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